Am I a successful developer?

What makes a developer a successful developer? I often wonder that, since I don’t have a solid opinion about my skills. Am I as good as my employer says I am? Something tells me this mindset is not very robust or healthy. So am I as good as I say I am? That’s a straight road to developing the Narcissus complex. Am I the as good as my code? Am I as good as few bugs I make? Am I as good as how sharp my focus is? Am I as good as a ’team player’ I am? Am I as good as fast I react to people asking me for stuff?

I believe the answer is a big NO. I am as good a developer as the quality of my output, which is the sum of all those things mentioned before. A developer is as good as the whole value (tangible and not) they believe and actually create for the employer.

A primer on managing me

This article was inspired by recent workplace events which led me to rethinking my approaches.

I know it's extrely hard for technical experts to be good, inclusive leaders, so this is an outreach to change the shituation (typo intended).

First, I'm a person. I have feelings, aspirations, problems. Ergo, talk to me, I'm always open to civil discussions. Treat me like a factory worker, disregard my feelings, humanity, and you loose all respect and demotivate me to perform at my highest.

Second, I'm a set of skills that need to be developed. Sadly, mind reading is not one of them. So tell me in plain language your expectations or write them down. Don't expect from me something you told me in your head.

Third, my skills need to be developed. Help me, point out something I need to learn, don't tell me my mistakes. Again, I'm not a mind reader.

Now that you read it, understand that this is not my ego talking. This is me reaching out to you. I am interested to be my best self, to perform at my best. But your actions might be suppressing me. With this in mind reread this article from the start. Let it sink in. Meditate about it.

Take a vacation

You need a vacation. Don't deny it. You want it. You know you need it. Do yourself a favour.

Your projects, work, and responsibilities can wait. You know what can't wait? Your health, your sanity, people around you. And you can't do your projects, work, responsibilities when you are sick and exhausted.